Shore Vineyard Church
Loving God, Loving Others



Shore Vineyard is pleased to introduce you to its new Youth Pastor and Communications Co-ordinator.

Rupert Taylor and Brya Pilbrow, who are getting married on June 29, will be joining our staff team from the end of July.

Rupert, our new Youth Pastor, will take over from Dan Goodwin, who has done a fantastic job with SVC youth over the past five years; while Brya will pick up the communications portfolio from our Associate Pastor Calvin Culverwell.

Rupert and Brya have loved being part of Shore Vineyard for the past two years, and are already a key part of the SVC worship ministry. Rupert is also on the Good Works Trust board, which runs our foodbank and other community activities.

Rupert is studying social work and has always had a passion for youth, others and creating spaces of inclusivity and understanding. His love for community is reflected in his incredible fried chicken making skills and love for good conversation and coffee. He thrives in being involved in church and community and he is excited to bring an element of creativity into what it means to work with youth.

Brya is captivated by how creativity connects people, God and the world around her. In her fourth year of graphic design, her passion remains rooted in her love for story telling, connecting others and creating moments of deeper communication and understanding. She adores Shore Vineyard even more then eating Rupert's fried chicken (with sriracha) and is excited to be more involved in a family she believes in.

Welcome and blessings, Rupert and Brya! We look forward to this new season in your lives and with our church whānau.