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Transmission, Part 4: Freedom For The Captives

Janelle introduces Paul’s second missionary journey in Acts 16, sharing on Paul’s mission, and now our own, to set the captives free.

“We might think the miracle was in the earthquake and opening of the prison doors…the real miracle was in the transformation of the prisoners and this jailer…the captives were being set free, but in an entirely different way than expected…”

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What Remains

If we strip away all the busy stuff in our lives, what remains?

If we think about what we'd like people to say about us at the end of our lives, what remains?

If we boil life and faith down to its simplest essence, what remains?

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Nines - Jacqui, Ian, and Keryn

Three speakers. Nine minutes each. In this edition:

Jacqui Lloyd - Jacqui shares the story of her deep love for scripture and how knowing it isn’t the same as being shaped and impacted by it.

Ian Telford - God makes all things work together for good. Ian’s story is a firsthand account of God redeeming and knitting together something meaningful and beautiful in the midst of a hard upbringing.

Keryn Grogan - Keryn explores her own journey with grief and the importance of having good inlets and outlets to navigate the pain.

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