Shore Vineyard Church
Loving God, Loving Others


Serve With Us

Shore Vineyard Church is family who loves Jesus and is dedicated to worship him with the whole of our lives.

One way we worship is by finding unique and creative ways to serve the mission of the church. Serving isn’t about duty, it’s about delight as we respond to how Jesus has served us.

We believe that everyone has been given unique talents and abilities by God to help make the church family a complete and functioning body. We love helping individuals identify their talents and where they may best be able to use those gifts to serve Jesus, his mission and the community.

Serve the church

One way we serve each other is by helping to make our Sunday gatherings happen. Most of our church family serve in some small way every week in a variety of ways, including; welcoming people into our building; serving coffee and tea; teaching our kids; leading our music and serving on our productions team. 

Serve the Community

Through our Good Works Trust, our ministry stretches beyond the four walls of our church. We regularly partner with like-minded ministries in Auckland to identify the ways we can best serve our neighbours. We are currently serving the community through our food bank, local mission events and regular activities such as Mainly Music and English conversation meet-ups.

Serve the World

Our local involvement turns our hearts and eyes to God’s bigger, global mission to see people from all over the world experience his joy, hope, and salvation. We love supporting the global ministries of people and projects we are connected with and we want to be consistent in our support of those projects and the telling of those stories. To date we have worked with World Vision, Tear Fund, Nvader and His Heart Ministries on various projects, as well as supporting Vineyard specific projects in Cambodia and the Philippines.