Shore Vineyard Church
Loving God, Loving Others

Shore Vineyard Church About Us


Shore Vineyard Church is on a mission to LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS

passionately, brilliantly and adventurously.

We could go into more detail, but quite simply that is all we really long for. In the most simple way possible we want to provide a platform from which people can jump into genuine worship, discover radical generosity, form authentic friendships and cultivate organic communion with God. We long to encourage one another to grow and move towards the things God has in store for us.

We have two Sunday gatherings at 10am and 5pm respectively. These are always special times but in no way encapsulate everything we do as a community. Our church has many groups, events and initiatives that spring out of the hearts of our people and the invitation of God - and we would love if you would join us in that rhythm! Some of those things can be found on our website or on our social media, but often the life of the church moves faster than technology, so make sure you keep an eye out and an ear open for the things that may be happening during the week.

We love our church, we love what God is up to and we love the opportunity we have to serve those around us. Perhaps this might be the kind of church you're looking for... In which case we would love to do this faith journey alongside you!

Shore Vineyard Church is part of Vineyard Churches Aotearoa NZ. Click here if you are interested in reading about our core beliefs as a Vineyard Church. 

As a church, we are committed to care for and protect our tamariki (children) and rangatahi (young persons). Here is our Tamariki (Child and Young Persons) Protection Policy.