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WILD + FIRE is our Lenten journey for 2019.

It is composed of three parts:

WILD: 3 x sermons on how the wilderness affects our faith journey - starting March 10

FIRE: 5 x sermons on the Christ story and how it spreads through history…and our hearts - starting March 31. This includes a special 5pm GOOD FRIDAY service.

+ (AND): 7 x liturgical podcasts designed to take us deeper into the overarching narrative - starting Wednesday, March 6 (Ash Wednesday)

A note from Brya, our graphic design artist:

Coming into Easter we are drawn into a tension of Death and life. The contrast of dark and light. There is a knowing and an unknowing. A moment of disorientation and turbulence accompanied by a renewable form of understanding.

The circle in this image aims to encapsulate the undeniable nature of the pattern of life itself and simply, our earth. Jesus captured in the light while experiencing the dark (coming out of the top of the circle) reflects his encounter with death, his experience of our ‘unknown’.

The candles blown out representing the overwhelming feeling of darkness, a moment of emptiness, disorientation and loss.

The contrast of night and day reflecting not only the significance of the night but how the night highlights and supports the presence of the day.

The dove representing the holy spirt gracing it’s way along both understandings of the known and unknown.

The desert mountains a reflection of Jesus journey through the desert and the continuous need of reflection when diving into Lent, and what it means to us.

The fire representing the wild spread of the gospel. We reflect on the words Wild and Fire. Unpredictable, beautiful, rapid and courageous.

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Ladies Night Out